Château Maresque


    Loin de L'Œil                  Duras                    Mauzac                      Braucol




Soil: The wines are produced from a vineyard, which has mollassic clayey-calcareous soils which contain high proportions of limestone and granite in their subsoils.

Climate:The southern slopes, low in altitude are whipped by the hot winds from the Mediterranean and the dry Autan wind that is influenced by the Atlantic ocean. This sunny climate, granting early ripening, together with the good orientation and terroir, produce generous  wines, with a beautiful deep colour and complex aromas in which candied fruit, blackcurrant and spices are softly blended.The wines are powerful with a dense body, well structured and with round tannins.

Grapes:The different terroirs and the age of the vineyard enable us to offer traditional and highly original grape varieties. White grapes: Mauzac and Loin de l'œil supplemented by Sauvignon. Red grapes: Duras and Fer Servadou - known locally as Braucol and Mansois - supplemented by Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vine Stock: 

White:               20% Sauvignon Blanc;

                           60% Mauzac;

                           20% Loin de L'œil                                       

Red:                   20% Duras;

                           30% Braucol ou Fer Servadou;

                           20% Syrah

                           15% Merlot;

                           15% Cabernet Sauvignon                                                   

Average Age:        30 years

Stock for graft:  SO4; 3309C; 41B

Density:                 5500 stocks per ha


White:            égrappage; pressurage; débourbage à froid;

                            fermentation à 16° - 18°

Red:              traditional in concrete cuves;

                            égrappage; cuvaison 21 days; 3 remontages per day;

                            fermentation 26° - 28°

Fining:                 Egg White

Aging:                 Dry White:                                6 months in cuves sur lie

                            Red traditional                         12 months in concrete cuves

                            Red Cuvée Thomas                    12 months in concrete cuves

                            Red Cuvée Fûts 9 months in french and american oak barrels