Château Maresque Gaillac


photo: Ineke Bakker © 

Lucas Schutte, august the 3rd 1957 Heemskerk, the Netherlands


Professional education:

* Hotel Management school in the Netherlands

* Marketing & Sales at the CORNELL University, New York, USA

* BPREA Viticulture & Oenologie in Burgundy in France


Professional career:

* Sales & Marketing for the Japanese Intercontinental Hotel OKURA

* Owner of a group of restaurants in the Netherlands

* Importer of French, Spanisch and Italian wines

* Winemaker at several properties in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Languedoc

- Domaine d'Azenay in Azé of Topchef Georges Blanc near Mâcon  

Chateau la Cardonne  en Médoc

- Château Belle-Isle à Lézignan-Corbières.